5 TV series I can’t stop watching!

We’ve all got those guilty pleasure TV shows.  You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones that we’ve watched 1000’s of times over and over, that we can quote every word to before the line is spoken.  Some of them we just put on in the background whilst we do other things and others we feel the need to binge watch intently over and over again because they’re just so god dan good.

Below is a list of the five TV shows that are my ‘over and over’ programmes.
1) Gilmore Girls
I think Gilmore Girls may be my favourite TV show of all time.  Bold statement yes. But if you’ve ever watched Gilmore’s then you’d know that it’s sharp, quick witted and just all round easy family viewing.  I really love all the series (except for the very end) but I think my favourite is season 5; Rory’s second year at Yale where she meets Logan, the opening of The Dragonfly and L&L.  I’ve been watching it from when it first graced our TV screens in the early 2000’s (when it was on Hallmark and Nickelodeon) but if you need your GG fix now, you can find it on American and Canadian Netflix.
2) The Mindy Project
The Mindy Project is hands down, my favourite comedy on TV at the moment.  It surpassed New Girl somewhere in the second series and I’ve been hooked since the beginning.  It charts the story of a female OBGYN and her quest for love and happiness.  The characters are all equally as funny and there are some really cringe I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened moments that will have your sides hurts and tears leaking from your eyes.
3) The Big Bang Theory
We’re moving into classic territory now and who doesn’t enjoy Big Bang Theory?  Even my parents love catching up with Sheldon and the gang.  It helps that it’s run on E4 everyday (I can quote the first 5 series word for word now I think!) and is easy viewing that I like to have on in the background whilst I’m completing other tasks and it’s so easy to pick up half way through a series or if you’ve missed a couple of episodes during a binge because you accidentally took an extra long nap!
4) Friends
OK now we’re really into the old school classic territory.  I don’t think there is a human alive in the Western world that hasn’t seen an episode of Friends.  2014 marked 10 years since the franchise ended and boy is that scary.  I was actually only five when the first episode of Friends garnered our TV screens in 1994 but by the age of eight (somewhere around the 4th season and the London episodes) I was hooked.  I had all the videos and now own the full DVD collection and it’s out go to programme of choice for me and TN when we really are just whittling time away.  I don’t think there will ever be a point in my life where Friends is too far away…
5) Sex and the City
Where to even begin?  I was certainly way too young to be watching this tv show when it first aired, yet somehow I must have caught up somewhere around secondary school with Carrie & co’s shenanigans (I actually think Carry is a bit of a douche).  But I learnt a lot from these ladies… not like that.  Samantha was my favourite with her ‘don’t give a f**k what people think of me’ attitude and her fighting spirit when she got cancer.  Every so often they repeat all the series on back to back nights on Comedy Central and I love nothing more than to tape them and have a Sunday duvet day binge.
So there you have it, my favourite TV shows, the ones that have reigned supreme even though others have come and gone over the years – Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Suits all just falling short of the list.
Tell me what your favourite TV shows that you can’t help but go back too are!