Things that have made me happy lately #5

It’s been a busy few weeks in the LMC household but here are all the things that have put a smile on my face in that time 🙂

1. Being personally invited to hang out at Google HQ to spend the day at YouTube learning about how to grow my channel and all the little tweeks I can do do make it more user friendly for my viewers.  Also getting to meet and catch up with lots of cool YouTubers who all share my passion for making great content.

2. Hitting 6000 subscribers on my YouTube channel and receiving so many wonderful comments from you guys every day on my videos.  It really does perk up my mood when I feel myself getting down.  I just read a few comments and BAMN… Instant smile 🙂

3. Opening an email from a subscribers boyfriend asking me to do the sweetest thing for her.  He wanted me to make a short video announcing he had bought her Disney on Ice tickets for her birthday.  I couldn’t handle the amount of thought and cuteness that had gone into it so of course I obliged!

4. Date day at Chester Zoo to see the elephants.  Makes me even more excited for Thailand now which I’m so hoping will be a reality.

5. Seeing my mummy on her birthday weekend. I miss her so much now she lives so far away.  It was nice for her to be able to get to know TN better too 🙂

6. Flatmate night. No boys allowed.  Pitch Perfect 2, Aladdin… and a naughty McDonalds.

7. After work wine/cocktails/catch ups with the work besties… hard earned.

8. The satisfaction of doing a great job for one of my internal customers at work by setting up and running a really great assessment day (for those of you that don’t know, my day job is recruitment!)

9. Sunshine… Could it really be summer now?

10. Shakeshake double cheeseburgers… that is all. (even if I did have to wait half an hour for it!)