Disney Tsum Tsum Collections

A picture of disney tsum tsums

I think it’s safe to say I’m a little bit of a Disney fan (understatement of the century anybody?)  You only have to look the highest viewed videos on my YouTube channel to work out that I love talking about all things Disney.

When Disney Store UK sent me some Tsum Tusms I almost fell off my chair with excitement.  Like most Disney fans out there, I’d heard of Tsum Tsum’s and had seen them in the store (I tend to go in there often!)  I’d picked up a few as little prezzies for my Disney obsessed family and friends but have funnily enough never started my own collection.

Disney have obviously been watching my videos as they’d sent me one of my favourite ever Disney characters; Stitch.  I almost cried when I pulled him out of the bag.

Tsum Tsum’s (which mean ‘to stack’) are the newest addition for Disney collect-o-maniacs to get involved with.  They come in three different sizes (small – £3, medium – £10 and large – £20) and Disney are releasing new characters and collections every month on the first Tuesday – the next one after this post goes live is the Lilo & Stitch collection… (you can see the full list here!)

image from disneystore.co.uk

I’m so excited to start building my Tsum Tsum collection up –  after the rest of the Stitch collection I’m going for the classics such as Minnie, Mickey etc next… then onto the princesses!!)