Dior Rouge Dior 468 Rose Bonheur Lipstick Review

If you’re a regular viewer over on my YouTube channel you’ll have seen this huge beauty haul where I purchased my very first Dior Lipstick – the Dior Rouge Dior in 468 Rose Bonheur (Selfridges, £26.50.)

Firstly let’s talk about the packaging – it’s everything you’d expect from Dior; navy blue and silver, beautiful and luxurious – and it has a TF click when you open and close it.  It’s certainly one of the more impressive at first sight lipsticks I own.

The colour of the lipstick itself is a beautiful, bright-ish peachy, pink that’s not to in your face, with a subtle sheen finish.  The formulation feels really nice on the lips; long lasting and not drying at all.  The pigmentation is very good, much better that most sheen finish lipsticks and the colour is rich considering it’s a lightweight formula.


It’s subtle enough to wear in the office during the day and still has that touch of glam for a night out with the right eye makeup.  I’ve been wearing it on casual Saturdays to brunch and for after work drinks and rarely needing to reapply it in both situations.

I’ve been really impressed with my first outing into Dior lipsticks and I’ve been convinced to try a few more.  Any suggestions?  Have you tried any of the Dior Rouge Dior range? What were your thoughts?