A Weekend in Chester

The best part of dating somebody who didn’t grow up in the same area as you is the fact that you get to see lots of different places that you’ve never been too before.  Over bank holiday The Northerner took me to his home town on the outskirts of Chester to check out some of his local haunts and attractions.



We made a trip to Chester Zoo as I really love elephants and love taking any opportunity to learn about them.  I really don’t know how people can harm these gentle creatures and what a lot of people might find surprising is that they have quite weak backs so riding them can be cruel too.  Chester Zoo run a conservation project for Asian elephants and with us planning a trip to Thailand to stay at Elephant Hills I want to take time to find out as much as I can about these beautiful creatures.

I’ve got to be completely honest and say that I’m still not sure how I feel about zoo’s.  I feel very conflicted in the fact that I feel a twinge of guilt about animals being confined outside of their natural habitat but at the same time I know that they do fantastic conservation work around their natural environments and that the zoo keepers care very deeply about the animals they look after.


The following day we ventured into Chester itself to walk around the town and see the walls and all of the other artefacts that the Romans left behind.  The town itself is beautiful and they’ve really tried to keep the theming of the town inline with what history has left behind,  It’s really cool that the amphitheatre has survived all these centuries and can be enjoyed by multiple generations.  The famous ‘Chester Walls’ were also very interesting and worth a walk around.  You can take in all the beautiful views from around the town and there are some cute tea shops and ice cream places along the way.  We passed the cathedral which you can go into and spend some time looking around – they’re also building a lego one for charity.


I really wanted to go down to the river to check out the activities that you can do on the water but we had to leave something to do next time we visited.  You can also take a bus tour around the town but it was fun to hear all the random facts from The Northerner instead.

We also ate in an interesting restaurant called Moules a Go Go where believe it or not, I didn’t take a picture of it or my food… shocking I know!  The food was fine, nothing really special or to write home about but apparently they’re renown for their fish dishes.

Overall I really loved Chester and it’s charm and can’t wait to come back and come and visit again.  There’s so much to do and see – I haven’t even mentioned the shopping or Cheshire Oaks so I’ll be sure to visit agains soon.


Have you been to Chester before?  What do you like to do there?