Things that have made me happy lately #4

1. Attending the Florida Tix 10th birthday party and beasting the quiz which was all about Disney and Florida.  I can’t wait to spend my vouchers on something Mouse related 🙂

2.Cooking healthy meals from scratch.  I’ve been whipping up all of my best dishes lately including Spagetti Bolognese and Chilli con Carne.  It might be more time consuming but it’s so nice knowing what’s in your food.

3. Starting to run outside again.  I’m very lucky to live close to some fantastic running routes.  Beats the treadmill any day!

4. Seeing my fitness levels improve and feeling a sense of pride when I see how far I’ve come physically.  Every time I go out running I try and beat the pace in my previous one.

5. Date nights with The Northerner.  We’ve been trying out lots of new restaurants and showing each other our favourites too.  It’s great to sit there with good food and wine, relaxing and learning more about each other.

6.Work mates. I’m very lucky to work with a lovely bunch of people and have developed some strong bonds with a couple of them.  It’s so nice to have a few more people I can trust…. and go for a cheeky cocktail with after a long day at the office

7. Sunday dinner with the family and booking more restaurants for my aunties upcoming trip to Disney World.  if you;re reading this Christine, my present better be amazing!!

8. Getting quotes for 2016’s Disney World holiday which will be very different to any I’ve been on before… watch this space!! 

9. Reading. I can’t remember the last time I picked up a book and immersed myself in another world. I’ve been reading The Hunger Games series (I’ve only ever listened to the audio books before) and it’s made me hungry to read more. Unfortunately my kindle got broke before my move and I’m yet to replace it but I think after payday I just might have too! 

10. Bank Holiday weekend… friends, family, good food, and alcohol.  All that was missing was the weather but I guess I’m making up for that by the fact that I’m not back in the office until Thursday.