The Travel Bucket List: Part One

Over the last six months or so, I’ve been obsessed with reading travel blogs and discovering new places.  Even though Iv’e lived and worked abroad, my scope of travel is very small – most of it has been in America along the East Coast and the odd bit of Europe.  I’ve been putting together a list of places I’d like to visit (which is ever expanding).  If you have been to any of these places (or are from any of them, then let me know!!)


Recently, TN and I have been looking at holidaying in Sorrento a little later on this year and the more I look at the pictures the more I can’t wait to get something booked and to go (hopefully!)  The Bay of Naples looks absolutely beautiful and you can do all sorts of day trips to see things like the ruins of Pompeii and Capri which I hear is gorgeous… there’s a reason Caesar liked it there!!  Another thing that really excited me about visiting Italy is the food.  Now I love my pizza and pasta in England more than anything else but can you imagine how delicious it’s going to be in Italy.  I can’t even begin to imagine how excited I am after hearing so many people talking about how good the food is!


Barcelona has also been on the list of places I’d love to visit but it’s always got trumped by places like Paris which seems to win outright every time!  I’ve been to Salou a few times which is about an hour outside of Barcelona but I’ve never done the day trip there because I hear that you’ll need at least a weekend there to explore all the amazing sights.  The architecture in Barcelona is quite outstanding and I’d love to do a walking tour of the city as well as visit some of the markets and museums (I love learning about a country’s history and culture).  I learnt Spanish at school and whilst still pretty basic I’d love to dust it off and put it into practice again.  Again, the thought of food, namingly authentic tapas excites me too and just the thought of a fresh seafood paella makes me hungry. 


As I said, I’ve done my fair share of the East Coast of America but the West is totally alien to me.  There are so many places I want to hit up on the West Coast that I’ll probably need at least three weeks there and even then I still won’t get it done.  Where to start, I want to see the hills of Hollywood, cruise down Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard.  I want to skate down the beach at Santa Monica and hike in the hills.  I’d love to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and the other sights of San Fransisco and camp under the stars in Yosemite National Park.  Then there’s always Anaheim and Disneyland… because if you hadn’t noticed, I like Disney a bit…

Las Vegas

Whilst we’re talking about the West Coast of America, I really want to visit Las Vegas.  Cheesy and predictable… yes, but I think if you want to, you should absolutely do Vegas at some point in your life.  I’m not a huge gambler but I do like to dabble at the roulette table from time to time and I think there’s just something more magical (and quite possibly addictive) about doing it in Vegas.  I’d also like to visit the neon graveyard, walk down the strip and possibly see Britney Bitch! Everybody who I’ve spoken to who has been to Vegas has said it is worth going there at least once in your life as long as you can handle the bright lights and enjoy the casinos… tick and tick, when can I book my flight?

So those are the next places that I’d like to visit around my trips to Disney World (Never gonna give them up am I?)  If you’ve ever been to any of these places please let me know and drop any hints and tips in the comments below 🙂  Also who’s your favourite travel bloggers, I’m constantly looking for new reads.