Disney Wishlist #3

Little mermaid print

Stitch Tsum Tsum

Finding Nemo Snow Globe

Bronze Beauty and The Beast Vintage Disney Necklace

Peter Pan and Wendy Watch

Mickey Mouse Casserole Dish

Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsum

Marie Tsum Tsum

It’s about time that I did another Disney inspired wish list for you all as I know how much you love them.  This time I’ve combined both my ebay finds and a few items from the Disney Store in the UK.  I’ve got to say that the Disney Store in the USA kicks the behind off the on in the UK – there is seriously so much more choice.  It’s approx £35 to get stuff shipped from the US so if anybody wants to go halvies haha…

You may or may not know this about me but I actually collect Disney Snow Globes and I’m desperate to add this Finding Nemo one to my collection.  I got my first one back in 1997 during my first visit to Walt Disney World – it’s a Cinderella one and it’s so pretty.  I love bright, colourful ones – I have an Alice in Wonderland one that I was given as a gift a few years back which is my favourite.  I just love bright colours (hence why I love Alice in Wonderland so much anyway!) Also the Tsum Tsums… I must have them all!!

I have a few Disney Store vouchers to spend so you might see some of this stuff in a haul video very soon!