Being Skincare Aware with DestinationSkin

A few weeks ago I was invited by DestinationSkin to come in and have a consultation* so I could check how my skin is holding up against daily elements – mainly UV lights from the sun.  My local clinic is the one based in Birmingham City Centre which is just a stones throw away from my office so I decided to schedule my appointment for after work.

I was greeted by a lovely skincare consultant who asked me lots of questions about my main skincare concerns.  Being 25 one of my main concerns is ageing as I’m very aware that my skin is no longer producing as much collegen naturally anymore.  I also have some scaring and am prone to tough hormonal spots on my chin at certain times of my cycle.  We talked through a range of treatments I could have to ease these problems and we came up with a few options.

Then it was time to get under the UV light to check out my sun damage and I can honestly say what I saw under there not only shocked me, I actually felt quite upset and teary about it.  If you look at any pictures of me, you can see I tote a bunch of freckles all over my face.  I never realised that these freckles were the direct result of sun damage and once I got under the UV light, I was informed that there were so many bubbling under the surface and it was extremely likely that throughout my life more and more of them are going to become more visible.  The formation of freckles is triggered by exposure to sunlight without protection.  UV-B rays increase melanin production which cause freckles and also causes older freckles to become darker and more visible (which always happens to me when it’s sunny).

As you can see from the above photos, wearing an SPF literally creates a block between the sun and your skin.  I thought I was being really good by being religious with my SPF during the summer but my consultant said that I’ve probably done most of the damage to my skin as a child or teen (when SPF is just hassle!) and during the winter months when I’m not as strict with it.

We sometimes forget that the sun really can cause most of the problems we have with our skin – premature ageing being the less worrying when compared to skin cancer, of which there are 100,000 diagnoses of each year.  My consultant has set me a Dermaquest skincare plan (which I’m going to do a separate post on) to stick to which takes into consideration all of my skin worries and will not only help protect me against further damage from the sun but start to mend what has already happened.  I’ll be going back in for a few treatments over the next few weeks and will of course be reporting back the findings.

DestinationSkin recently launched their being ‘Skincare Aware‘ campaign which was between the 11th and 17th of May but you can call up for a consultation and a go under the UV light at any time at any of their 21 clinics across the UK. Honestly the results might shock you into the steps you need to take to protect your skin.  I know I won’t be taking mine for granted again!


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