Things to do on Bank Holiday

We’re very lucky in the UK that we get not one but two Bank Holidays in May.  Who doesn’t love a good three day weekend? There are so many different possibilities and I’ve listed some of my favourite ways to spend bank holiday below.

1. Mini Break

A three day weekend is the ideal time to take a mini holiday without having to book any annual leave from work.  There are now so many options for people in the UK; you can hit up a small B&B in the middle of the country side, get a log cabin that comes with  a hot tub, go glamping, hop to a new city for an amazing city break… the list is endless.  

2. Visit Family and Friends

Three day weekends can also be the perfect time to visit family and friends, especially if they’re a bit spread out around the country.  I’ll be spending the second bank holiday of this month in Somerset visiting my mum.  Long drives and travelling can really eat up into your weekend and leave you feeling like you haven’t got time for much else so the extra day can sometimes be the motivation you need to get over it and jump into the car/ on the train and spend some time with the famo.

3. Get out into the sunshine

I love using Bank Holiday as an excuse to get out into the sunshine, whether that’s sunbathing, some outdoors activity or a beer garden.  I really love walking or bike riding down the canals near where I live or jumping in the car and heading to the beach for ice cream, 2p arcades and sand castle building (who doesn’t love a good sand castle competition?)  It can also be a great time to visit local (or not so local) tourist attractions.  I love the Tower of London because I love learning a bit about our colourful history.

Bank holiday Sunday is the perfect time to get out into a beer garden without having to worry about work the next day.  There’s nothing more I love than chilling in a pub beer garden with a cold glass of something, good food and good company – especially if it’s sunny and I can don my sunglasses.  Did somebody say cider? 

4. Cook (or bake) up a storm in the kitchen

If I’m staying at home over the bank holiday, I usually find some time to squeeze in a bit of baking or cooking of some kind.  Whether that’s a Sunday Roast with all the trimmings, a big fat chocolate cake or some delicious cookies.  I usually take any leftovers into work on the Tuesday… if they make it to then of course!

5. Get your blog on

The last thing on my list of things that you could do on a Bank Holiday is of course, blogging. The three day weekend is the ideal time to get down too it and crack out some blog posts or videos.  As I work full time during the week, I usually spend at least one morning on the weekend writing up some posts so to have an extra day to do it means that I get more of my weekend to myself and to spend with friends.