A night in with James Bond…

Fun fact: Casino Royale is the first and only film I’ve been to see more than once at the cinema.  So when the opportunity came to host a Bond themed party* for a few friends including a viewing of Casino Royale, it was well up my street!

I set the date and began to make plans about what sort of food we should eat and what sort of things we could do.  I kept my dress code casual – I wore jeans and a nice shirt but I went for glammed up makeup and a quick spritz of the 007 for Women perfume – any Bond girl would be proud.

I hung ‘playing card themed’ wall decorations and blew up my James Bond balloons to give the place a more themed feel.  We cracked open a few bottles of bubbly including James Bond’s favourite, a bottle of Bollinger’ Champagne Cuvée Spéciale and had the ice bucket ready to keep it chilled.  I made some of my current favourite treats for the occasion – chocolate cornflake cakes which taste so good and added the 007 toppers to them to make them more festive and we ordered both pizza and indian food just to be sure we’d covered all the bases.

After a few nibbles we settled down to watch Casino Royale which I think is still my favourite Bond film (although Skyfall is pretty darn good too!) and rounded off the night with a few rounds of ’21’ – which was my favourite card game growing up.

I absolutely love having people round and playing the host.  I think the night went really well – everybody had plenty to eat and drink and it was good to catch up with friends over a good film and good food.  This is the first time I’ve ever done anything themed and I’d certainly do it again.  I’m thinking maybe tikki themed? What do you think?

Have you ever hosted a themed party?


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*Party kit provided