A few bits for the home


Over the last couple of years I’ve been getting way more excited about getting new bits and pieces for the home than I have about getting a new piece of makeup.  When Flamingo Gifts contacted me and asked me if I’d like to choose a few things from their website I jumped straight into the homeware section.

I love gift websites – I use to work for one so I know how much care and attention the buyers put into selecting items that people would love to receive.  The Wildlife Cake Tins have comes in so useful since I started baking more.  Having the three means I have one suitable for all my baking adventures… and how cute are they? The owls and foxes are not what I’d usually go for but they fit into our kitchen really well.

I’m also getting SO MUCH use out of the Happy Jackson Lunchbox to take, wait for it… healthy snacks to work.  I fill it with fruit (mainly strawberries and grapes) to snack on throughout the day and whenever anybody spots it, it becomes quite the topic of conversation.  The Pink Lemonade Flamingo Candle makes our living room smell so good and is great at covering up strong smelling foods (the main reason I use candles in the spring/summer).  Flamingo Gifts stocks a huge range of Flamingo Candles so they’ll be a scent for everyone.

They have a fantastic collection or products and offer a ton of discounts and promotions so next time you’re looking for a thoughtful but fun gift make sure you give Flamingo Gifts a try.  Have you tried anything from Flamingo Gifts?

*Items mentioned are PR Samples