Homeslice Pizza London Restaurant Review


If you’ve been knocking around these parts for a while, you’ll know that I basically count pizza as a food group – I eat enough of it!  I’ve been sampling different pizzerias around the country for a while and today I’m bringing you a review of my favourite one ever!  Today I’m bring you a review of one of mine, and many bloggers favourite in’ restaurants – Homeslice Pizza London.

Homeslice is a pizzeria gem located in Neal’s Yard near the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden.  Beginning life serving up pizzas in a hand-built wood fire oven in an East London brewery, they’ve been creating mouth-wateringly good pizzas for over three years and a little under two years ago they opened their doors at their first permanent establishment.

The rules are simple, you can choose from ten different choices on the menu – you can do half and half if you like.  It’s all served together in a beautiful 20 inch pizza which is basically as big as the table you’re sitting at for £20.  Drinks are easy with a small selection of beers, wines and soft drinks.

The epicness that is Homeslice London's 20 inch pizza - half and half

During our trip to London a few weeks ago, I took The Northerner along to Homeslice as all he’d heard since we first planned the trip, was just how good this pizza was.  We had to wait about thirty minutes for a table which wasn’t bad for a Saturday and before we knew it we were seated and choosing what flavours to put together on our respective halves.

Even though I love pizza, I’ll admit that I’m a pizza simpleton.  I love a good margarita more than anything else, TN went for  Caramelised Onion, Nocellara Olives and Anchovy on his half – not my pizza cup of tea but smelt amazing.

So what is so good about Homeslice I hear you ask? Well it’s everything about this pizza that makes me coo in delight – the thin base that is crispy around the edges; the mouth watering toppings, especially the tasty cheese; the fact that you slice it up yourself into as many pieces as you like – there are no rules, or the fact that after you’re finished, you’ve eaten so much that you slip into that happy and content pizza coma – the stuff pizza dreams are made of!

My only gripe with Homeslice (and it is oh so teeny tiny) is that it’s always so busy to the point you sometimes fell packed in like a sardine.  With a 20 inch pizza on the table you don’t really have much room to maneover anyway (I usually have to balance my plate on my lap – not that I use it though!) – but really, isn’t this all party of the trendy London charm?  I love the decor and the dimmed lighting but a wee bit more space would be nice.  But if you don’t want to sit in, they also do takeaway, although I can’t imagine squeezing onto the tube with that 20 inch box and they also sell three of their pizza’s by the slice – incase you just need enough pizza to ‘keep you going’ – yes that IS a real thing!

I’ll keep going to Homeslice as long as I have pizza cravings in London.  It really is my favourite pizza in the capital.  Have you been to Homeslice?  What’s the verdict?