Girl problems: 10 Things That Happen to Us All (Mostly)

10 problems all girls have experienced at one time or another (mostly)

As girls, we encounter a lot of #FirstWorldProblems that boys just do not seem to have to deal with.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been noting down all the things that happen to me that I know for a fact that my boyfriend does not have to deal with.  Don’t forget to take all these with a pinch of salt – I know they don’t happen to every girl and I’m well aware of the REAL problems women in the modern world face – such as gender inequality to name but one – but I thought I’d write some of my non-serious problems down because girls, I KNOW I’M NOT ALONE!

Hair grips and Bands disappearing into thin air – Just where exactly do they all go?, “I just bought a new packet a month ago and now they’ve all disappeared!” – I hope they’re happy where ever they end up!

Winged eyeliner – We’ve all been there.  Your first eye is ON POINT but after making the line on the second too thick, it’s a continual battle to get them to match!

Shaving your legs – Enough said.  Hooray for winter and thick tights!

Hair everywhere – This can’t be just me.  I literally find it everywhere! I think my cleaner thinks I own a dog, nope just the 97,00th hair to fall from my head today!

Roots – The constant hair battle that plagues so many women.  Sometimes it’s not even bout the colour coming through – it’s about the cost of maintaining it.

Lipstick on your teeth – You can do the sucking finger trick to bring off the excess but it’s still important to have at least one person on ‘lipstick on teeth duty’. Oh and wind + lipstick.lipgloss = the ultimate hair sandwich… just lovely!

Cake – And the internal battle of food vs. your ideal body.  Remember though, you’ve probably earned that cake and you’re no use to anybody if you’re hungry.  I’m going to eat the cake every time!

Periods – Do I even need to comment? No man will ever have to experience period pains, or white jeans whilst on or.  Oh and whilst we’re on the subject UK Government – tampons are not ‘luxury’ items and should not be taxed. How about we just period everywhere instead? Yeah, thought not…

Resting bitch face – “Are you ok?” “Yeah, why?” “You look in a bit of a mood.” THIS IS MY NORMAL FACE GODDAMIT! – Remember ladies, smiling gives you wrinkles, resting bitch face keeps you flawless – why do you think Barbie looks so good for a lady in her 50’s?

Bras– Sports bras – never attractive; Lacey bra’s – constant ripping; Strapless bras – defying gravity.  Boys will never appreciate that feeling of getting home after a long day at work and taking off your bra – oh yeahhhhhhhhh.

Can you think of any more girl problems we face on a daily basis? The struggle is real!