A Day Out in London: The London Pass

The London Pass

I don’t care what anybody says, London is still one of my favourite places to visit in the whole world.  Shopping aside, I love the rich history that the city has to offer and it’s perfect for ‘date day’.  There’s so much to do and see and if you’re in a couple you can make it as romantic (or unromantic) as you like.

The London Pass is a cost effective way to see so many great sites in the capital.  It takes some forward planning, something we did a few days before, but you can see lots of amazing landmarks and it has plenty of things to do for fun days out for couples.  ‘The Northerner’ and I headed down last weekend for a romantic day out; to take in some of the sites and eat some pretty good food (post to follow).

We started off at the Tower of London; one of my favourite historical sites.  I’ve been once before and I really think you need to go more than once to see it all.  We took advantage of the Beefeater  tour to get a brief overview of the site before splitting off to explore the areas we wanted to in more detail.  The knowledge that the Beefeaters have really is outstanding and our tour guide made it fun and interactive.
The Tower of London with Canary Wharf in the background
A view of Tower Bridge from The Tower of London

After the tour which lasts roughly an hour, we headed off to see The Crown Jewels which are worth it purely for being in the presence of diamonds that big!  It’s so cool to think that you’re standing surrounded by jewels that date back to the 1800’s – they’re flawless.

The armoury at The Tower of London
A guard on parade at The Tower of London

Other areas to explore in the Tower of London are The White Tower which houses armoury and Royal Mint artefacts, the Menagerie – home of the first ‘zoo’ in England and the Inner Wall tour which includes Traitor’s Gate and takes you through exhibitions for a number of moments during the tower’s gritty history.

A picture of The London Bridge Experience

After a quick pit stop for lunch, we headed over to our next destination for the day – The London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs.  Not for the faint hearted, the tour of London Bridge takes you through the gruesome history of one of London’s most famous land marks.  It was an interesting experience as our group was lead through the history of the bridge using actors and scenes before ending with a spooky tour of the tombs.  I warn you now, if you scare easily and don’t like people jumping out of dark corners to scare you, you might want to give this one a miss.  The tour ends with you bursting out into the gift shop, usually laughing at how much you’ve been made to jump.  There’s a reason that The London Bridge Experience and The London Tombs has been voted the most scary attraction in London a few years running.

A photo of Big Ben
Westminster Abbey
A photo of the front of Westminster Abbey

We spent the rest of the day taking in the sights of London with a walk over Tower Bridge and a tour of Westminster Abby.  We really wanted to do the City Cruise boat tour by the tide was unusually high on the Thames by late afternoon so we had to give that one a miss.  I’d recommend doing that early if you can.

Overall we had a really good time (I measure that by me falling asleep on the train home because I was exhausted).  You can pick up the London Pass from Attractiontix.co.uk starting at £47 and it covers so many different historic and sporting attractions around London.  It even includes stadium tours and a tour of Wimbledon – something for the diehard sports fans amongst us.  You can check out the full list on the app or here on their website.

If you’ve been to London, what’s your favourite historical site?


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*London Passes provided by AttractionTix.co.uk. 
No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.