Disney Ebay Wishlist #2

Alice in Wonderland Print

Stitch Coffee Mug

Lilo & Stitch Quote Poster

Meg from Hercules Art

Little Mermaid Phone Case

Aladdin Bracelet

I know how much you guys love a good Disney Ebay wishlist.  This time around I’ve been really loving the vast amount of Disney inspired artwork there is out there.  I especially love the Alice in Wonderland print.  I was really surprised when I came across the Meg print because she’s not the most popular character.  I love the purples and oranges and have already ordered one for my new apartment.

Disney has some amazing quotes and I really loved the Aladdin bracelet – ‘when did you last let your heart decide?’ There’s something so magical about that song…  

As you can see, I have a special place in my heart for Stitch and I think the coffee mug is super cute and the Ohana print is perfect for the family home.  The Little Mermaid phone case is perfect for any die hard Ariel fans and even though she’s not my favourite princess, the fact that she was ‘born’ the same year as me (1989) means I’ll always have an affinity towards her.

Don’t forget to point me in the direction of your recent Disney purchases – Ebay or other websites.