Current Netflix Obsessions #1

I’m sat writing this post from my sofa on a Sunday afternoon whilst waiting for my Roast dinner to be served – exactly how I like my Netflix viewing: lazy, unapologetic and full of amazing programmes, usually eaten with equally as good food.  I’ve seen a few of these sorts of posts floating around where people have been sharing what their Netflix obsessions are so I thought it would be fun to get involved.

My television tastes vary.  I’ve even surprised myself with what I’ve watched since I started my subscription.  My favourite kind of TV shows are very OC/Gossip Girl-esque – basically American High School stuff.  As I try to broaden my TV viewing habits I’ve discovered some amazing series with a couple of old favourites thrown in for good measure.


Where to even start? I’ve heard so many people talk about how good Suits is over the last couple of years.  Some of my closest friends are obsessed with it (one’s a lawyer herself) and it’s so easy too see why.  Also I’m a bit in love with Harvey Specter, one of the main characters.  He ‘s charismatic, arrogant and dresses impeccably – all qualities I seem to look for in a man haha! Plus he’s totally babein’.

Brooklyn 99

I really like my comedies and find them even funnier the second time around.  I watched Brooklyn 99 on it’s original run on E4 last year and found it hilarious so when I discovered it on Netflix I knew I had to binge watch it all in (mostly) one go.  The first season has 22 episodes and they’re all as good as each other.  Andy Samberg who plays the lead Jake Perolta, does a fine job and has me clutching my sides for air.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little liars is definitely one of Netflix’s gems in the UK.  I still can’t believe a UK TV channel didn’t pick it up considering how big the following is around the rest of the world.  I’ve been watching PLL for a few years now online and I’m so excited that I can now watch brand new episodes a few days after America get it right on my TV.  I started to watch PLL as I figured it was my typical American high school drama… but it’s so much more! It so dark and gritty with so many twists. I actually can’t watch it late at night if I’m on my own as it makes me jump out of my skin.  My favourite character changes all the time but I certainly know who my favourite guy is… hello Mr Fitz!


Who doesn’t love watching episodes from the greatest comedy series of the 20th Century? With a quick hack that can be found online, Netflix has given me access to every episode of Friends that there ever was.  I love putting it on in the background whilst I’m doing other things – mainly boring household chores because I’ve seen them so many times (to the point where I can quote pretty much every episode) that it doesn’t matter if I miss the odd big of dialogue here and there.  Friends is the perfect background noise.

So that’s what I’m currently watching on Netflix.  There’s still so much on there that I want to give a go but my brain can only handle a few new series at any one time!  There’s nothing better after coming home from a long day at work when you just want to veg on the sofa and watch some TV. I’d love to know what you’re watching on Netflix at the moment?  What do you guys recommend?