Bun & Bowl Valentines Day Menu

Last Sunday I was invited down to one of my favourite Birmingham restaurants, Bun & Bowl to try out their Valentines Day menu. The event was organised by a lovely fellow Brummie based blogger, Natasha as an excuse for some of us to get together and support a fantastic Birmingham based restaurant.

We started with cocktails and knowing Bun & Bowl as well as I do, I knew that I didn’t have to stick to the regular cocktail menu – the bartenders will make anything that you want.  My only requirement was that it tasted ‘tropical’ and that it did.  I’m not even sure what was in it as I forgot to ask but I could certainly taste some rum!

The appetiser was a warm ‘shot’ of mushroom soup with a canapé of toast with salmon and avocado topped with caviar.  For an appetiser, it was pretty good.  The salmon and avocado canapé was delicious, the bread was crispy and I’ve had a real obsession with salmon lately so that was on point.  The appetiser also comes with a glass of red champagne – Moet champagne mixed with Strawberry Coulis and a strawberry on the side – so basically a Strawberry Bellini.  

For a starter, Bun & Bowl have gone for the classic Valentines Day oyster which is served on a bed of ice and topped with croutons and a dash of lemon juice.  I’d never tried oysters before – they’re not something that personally appeal to me but I’m always will to give delicious food a try.  I opted for the ‘take it like a shot’ method of eating with a bit of a chew before it went down.  They tasted very fresh and I could taste the lemon juice but I really don’t think oysters are for me.  I can’t get over the texture or the coldness and just like I think Guinness should tasty fizzy, I think oysters should be warm – although I know that would ruin them. 

For a main we devoured a delicious slider burger served in a brioche bun, topped with lettuce, tomato,  caramelised onion, foie gras and cheese.  As I’m not a sauce fan, I asked them to hold that off my plate (or board) with they of course obliged with.  The burger was delicious; juicy and tender and made with rib-eye steak – served medium.  Some of my fellow diners chose to deconstruct the burger to eat it, but I decided to squish all the toppings together and eat it as burger should be eaten.  The burger came with skinny fries on the side but I’m sure if you ask them nicely they’d swap them for their delicious sweet potato fries.  There’s also a chicken and vegetarian option if beef is not your thing.

Dessert was meringue topped with summer berries, cocoa powder and a selection of fruit sorbet’s.  I’m normally a chocolate person when it comes to dessert but this was delicious- very fresh and satisfying.  The strawberries were a winner for me.

Overall it was a lovely experience.  Besides the Oysters (which I think is purely down to personal preference) I enjoyed every dish that was put in front of me.  So if you’re in the Birmingham area and are looking for somewhere to go for guaranteed good food on Valentine’s why not try Bun & Bowl.  Their Valentines Day menu is available on February 14th and costs £30 per person which includes the starter, main and dessert plus a glass of champagne each.  You can substitute the dishes above for other options on the menu and the staff will do all they can to help.  You’ll also be serenaded by a violinist who will play different music depending on which course you’re eating.

What are your plans for Valentines Day?  Are you out anywhere special?


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*Complementary meal provided by Bun and Bowl, all opinions are my own