Firstly, I’d like to apologies for my inability to take a good selfie.  No seriously, look at the feeble attempts above, I mean come on!! But I did want to show you what I decided to do on Friday afternoon.  Yes ladies (and gentleman if there are many of you here?) I’m now back to being a full fledged member of #TeamBlonde


So I lasted exactly 199 days, or 29 weeks of being a brunette before throwing in the towel and going back over to the light side.  I’m not going to lie, I’m glad to be back here.  I’ve missed being blonde.  I’ve missed the way it makes my skin tone look when I don’t have makeup on – much more healthy, less sallow that when I’m brunette.  Even though I’ve been thinking about doing it for weeks, this was actually quite an impulsive decision.  I was sat in my office on Friday morning discussing going blonde with a colleague when I suddenly found myself on the phone to my hairdresser booking an appointment for the following day (luckily he’d had a cancellation).  I actually prefer making my hair appointments in this manner as it gives me very little chance to back out of them.


A few people have asked me over on twitter/instagram where I go to get my hair done.  I’ve had the same colourist for about six years now.  His name is Jamie and his current salon is James Bushell Hair Salon in Solihull.  It doesn’t matter how long I go between visits, Jamie remembers everything about my hair and knows exactly what I like from my blonde. This was the first time I’d seen him in this salon and it was honestly a lovely experience.  I always get an amazing service from Jamie wherever I have my hair done but everybody else in the salon was lovely too.  The girl who washed my hair was great, as was the hairdresser who styled it for me afterwards.


So yes, here I am.  Now I need to have a good rummage through my hair products to find the ones for blonde hair… If you’re a blonde haired girl tell me what products have I been missing out on whilst a brunette?


If you want to have a good laugh you can see my full hair story in a post I wrote back in 2012 HERE!