Why I still love Nars Sheer Glow

As a blogger it is very rare that I’ll repurchase a product as I’m constantly trying new things for review purposes or I’ve been enabled by some of my favourite bloggers.  Nearly two years ago I wrote this post professing my love for my Nars Sheer Glow foundation after discovering it a few months beforehand.  I got through the bottle over the course of  a year and after a few months without it I decided that it was time to return to a Nars counter and pick up what might be one of my ‘Holy Grail’ foundations.  And here’s why…
For me, is the perfect foundation.  It smoothes my skin, isn’t cakey, doesn’t cling to dry patches and most importantly, it lasts all day without oxidising.  That’s the short version.  The main reason that I love Sheer Glow is the finish.  I’m a matte based sorta girl.  There’s nothing I like more from my foundation than for it to give me a luminous but fairly matte base for my makeup canvas.  I’m really not a fan of a dewy base as I feel it looks greasy and in desperate need of powder (on me anyway!)  I like to add my own ‘glow’ so to speak using blushers, highlighters and light powders.
Sheer Glow as a product name is quite deceptive.  It suggests an all over dewy finish whereas I’d describe it as more of a velvety matte.  I’m the shade ’01 Mont Blanc’ which is still fairly light.  That’s one thing Nars are good at – light shades.  As a pale skinned girl I never have any problems finding my shade at Nars… well except for the fact that every other pale skinned girl shops there too and it’s usually sold out nationwide!
So there it is, my one and only (in terms of foundations anyway!)  I love hearing what people’s perfect foundation is.  Leave me yours in the comments below!