Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Review

A picture of the travel sized bottle of Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
I think I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, primer is a bit of a hit and miss step in my beauty routine.  Day to day, I don’t actually bother with it but if I’m off out to a special event or if I know my makeup will need to transition from day to night, then I’m all over it.
I’ve been trying out this rather generous travel sized over the last couple of months.  It was actually a free sample after I spend more than enough money at a Selfridges beauty event and I’m so glad I chose this over many of the other options.
To get the ‘LMC primer seal of approval’ it has to tick four quite specific boxes
1) Does it have a funny smell?
2) Does it irritate my skin?
3) Does it dry my skin out?
3) Would my foundation last just as long if I didn’t use it?
I’m not sure why smell is such a huge deal to me but I hate overly smelly makeup – even if it’s a good smell.  I’m happy to report that the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer is not overly smelly; actually I don’t think it smells of much at all.  You’ll also be pleased to know that it doesn’t irritate my skin which I’ve found some primers to do in the past.  It provides a lovely, even base for my foundation to sit upon.  One of the big questions for me is if it will dry my skin out (further than it already is!) The Laura Mercier offering is great at keeping my skin feeling plump and at the end of the day I cannot see my dry patches any more than usual.  But of course the million dollar question for any primer is ‘Would my foundation last just as long if I didn’t use it?’ and I’m happy to reveal that the answer is absolutely not!  This primers biggest selling point is that it allows your foundation to go on for HOURS… and I’m not just talking eight to ten hours – I’m talking ALL DAY! I can put my foundation on at 6am and by 10pm it’s still going strong.  Some days, I don’t even have to have a 3pm dust over of powder!  It also doesn’t alter the finish of your foundation so I know that which ever foundation I’ve chosen to wear that day will still be giving the finish promised on the bottle.
I really enjoyed using this primer, so much so that I’ll certainly be purchasing the full size version when it runs out.  Like I said, it’s not a product I’ll wear every day but when I do reach for primer it needs to be up for the job!  The full sized Laura Mercier foundation Primer is available from for £29.  Perfect if you’re not sure to go for the big one or not!  
Do you use primer, if so which one is your favourite?