Why Did I Buy You?

A photo of disappointing beauty products from Mac, L'Oreal and Revlon
We’ve all got those products in our stash which sit unloved at the back of the draw.  From time to time we even put our hands on them by accident.  For me, my reaction is the same every time, ‘why did I buy you?’  So I thought I’d share some of my most unloved products and the reasons as to why they just don’t get used.
I wrote about this palette when it initially came out in October 2013.  While at the time I sort of liked it, these days it lays forgotten about.  I think the main reason for this is that I’m so well served by my Naked palettes and my main Mac palette that never really feel the need to use it.  While the grey and champagne shades are highly pigmented (yet have excellent dupes in the main collection) the black shades are a huge let down.  In hindsight I really could of saved my money here.
I had such high hopes when I bought this foundation and then I just forgot about it after about a month or so.  My foundation collection has grew extensively since I became a blogger back in 2012 and slowly, I’ve started to work out my favourites and what to use at different stages of the month (my skin works like clockwork!) Unfortunately for the L’Oreal Nude Magique Foundation, as I can only use it on ‘good skin days’ if I go through a rough skin patch, I just forget to pick this back up again when my skin goes back to normal.  I must admit though that when I do use this, I really do like it so I might have to move it back to the front of my draw so I remember it’s there.
With this product, I think it more the case that it has fallen victim of my love for one particular highlighter… Mac Soft and Gentle.  I barely use anything else which means that this MUA offering sits unloved.  Every so often (and I’m talking once in a blue moon) I’ll pull it out and swatch it, think to myself that it’s super pretty and then I don’t think it even makes it to my face.  Must try harder…
Why oh why did I buy this product?  I don’t think I even swatched it in the shop which has turned out to be a big mistake.  While it’s a gorgeous colour it doesn’t suit my skin tone one bit.  Also, I already knew that I didn’t really like the Lip Butters so for me, this was a complete waste of money.
After writing this post I feel like I shouldn’t write off the foundation or the highlighter just yet.  So I’m going to try and use them more often.  However I think the lip butter and the eyeshadow palette will be finding their way to a new home very soon.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has forgotten treasures in their stash so I recommend going and having a look right now.
Are there any product you think ‘Why did I buy you?’