Secret Blogger Behaviour

Huge Blogger Cookie

I recently read a lovely post by the beautiful Becky over at MilkBubbleTea about ‘Blogger Perfection’ which simply put, is the ‘perfect persona’ that bloggers tend to show online.  I myself have had (a small number of) comments which have included the word perfect and the truth is my life is far from that.  I loved the list of secret behaviour that Becky included to remind us all that bloggers only show tiny snippets of their lives online and sometimes not all is what it seems… Well we’re not going to show ALL the bad bits are we?  So I thought I’d share some of my ‘Secret Blogger Behaviours’ with you all.

– Sometimes, I just forget to wash my makeup brushes and can forget for nearly a month… gross!
– Not all parts of my house are Instagram worthy – and I’m ok with that.  My home is a work in progress and I share it with a flatmate so it’s not all pink and flowery.
– I am awful at winged/cat flick eyeliner. Truly AWFUL. Even after years of practice, with lots of different brands, I still haven’t quite got there.
– Even though I spend a lot of time vlogging in my kitchen it gets messy – usually I push all the mess to one side so you can’t see it!  Sometimes, coming home from work and cleaning my kitchen is the last thing I want to do.
– I’ve really gone off clubbing in a big way.  At uni I was constantly out but now I’d rather go to a bar and chat with my friends over some nice cocktails.
– If I’m not planning on leaving the house all day I won’t get out of my pj’s. Not even to shower. Gross.
– And sometimes I’ll go to Tesco in my pj’s with no makeup on and my greasy hair scrapped back in to bun to buy blogging supplies (flowers for my backgrounds, cooking ingredients etc)
– In fact I leave the house A LOT without any makeup on.
So I think I’ll leave it there for today but I guess this was just a light hearted way to remind you that what you see online is never anybodies full story and they’ll be lots of less glamorous things going on in the background.  To other bloggers out there, what is your ‘Secret Blogger Behaviour?’