Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation

After going for my Bobbi Brown makeover I instantly fell in love with the foundation that the MUA used.  That foundation was the foundation* in the shade ‘Porcelain 0‘  I was super lucky that Bobbi Brown offered me a bottle of the foundation to try at home with my own brushes
As somebody who has always preferred foundations with a matte finish, I was really surprised to like this Bobbi Brown offering which leaves the skin looking super dewy.  My favourite way to wear it is with a small bit of powder on my t-zone and chin.  Longevity wise, I’ve been really impressed with it; lasting a full day of work (without a primer) with little wear.  There have also been no signs of it oxidising as the day goes on.
This foundation nearly made it into my ‘Top 3 Foundations of all time’, if it wasn’t for one thing – the fact that it’s rather difficult to get the right amount out of the bottle.  There is no pump and Bobbi Brown don’t make an attachable one either – they say the oxygen that pumps allow in will compromise the formula… OKKKKK!  And because it’s more on the runny than creamy side, pouring it out onto my hand is a bit of a nightmare too.  My only option is to put my brush on the top of the bottle and then tip it upside down and back ever so quickly.  This method does give the perfect amount of foundation for my face but my lord it’s a challenging process.  It’s a shame because other than that it’s a lovely product – but this is a bit of a deal breaker for me.
I have really enjoyed using the Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich foundation and if they can sort the dispensing process out I would absolutely buy it again.  Have you tried any Bobbi Brown foundations? Which one is your favourite?
*PR Sample