Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been having a bit of a mini stress out about my makeup.  No matter what I was doing, I was so bored with the looks I was creating.  I decided I wanted to take everything back down to basics including the way I apply my makeup so I could really try something new.  I pulled out my copy of the and decided to give in another flip through to see if I could pick up new tips and find something that would help me refresh my makeup.  This book is more than a few years old now but when it comes to books about makeup and how to apply it, it’s a classic.  It’s a fantastic book for beginners and novices and there is always something even the most accomplished MUA can learn from Bobbi.

As you know I’m really striving for a healthy lifestyle of late and Bobbi has even wrote a section to compliment this interest and about how lifestyle and diet can affect our skin (page 24) which in turn will effect how our makeup looks.
Due to the shape of my eyes, I’ve always struggled when it comes to using liner and making them ‘pop’.  One of my favourite sections of this book is the section devoted to eyeliner (page 100); all the different types and how to use them.  It all boils down to practise but by honestly, this book was my bible when I first delved into the world of eyeliner on the upper lid.  I also love the colour chart to match up your eye colour to the perfect shade of shadow. For the pop ladies, THE POP!
My other favourite section and the reason I consulted the book, is Chapter 7: Ten Step Guide to Perfect Makeup (page 117).  This makeup plan where you pull all the other techniques you’ve learned across the book together to create a simple, yet effective makeup look.  i’ve gone back to this plan as my staple method of makeup application, adjust it slightly for a bright lip or a smokey eye.
I know that this all sounds a tad basic considering I’ve been applying my own makeup for the last ten years but it really is nice to strip it all back and pretend I’m a beginner again.  I’m so happy with my routine now – it’s so simple which is perfect for my lifestyle.
Revisiting this book has made me want to try out more of Bobbi’s books.  I can’t wait for my new ‘All About Eyes’ book to arrive.  Are there any other makeup books I should give a try?