Top 10: Disney World – The Parks

Top 10: Disney World - The Parks

Top 10: Disney World – The Parks

If you’re a subscriber to my YouTube channel and you love a bit of Disney, you’ll know that as part of my Disney series I’ve been sharing my top 10 things to do in all four of the Disney parks.  This week I added the final video to the collection for Epcot so I thought it was time for me to share all these videos with you.

I love hearing your thoughts on my Disney videos so please leave me lots of comments 🙂  I also want to know what else you’d like to see in my Disney series.  A lot of people have asked for a Downtown Disney Top 10 which will definitely be happening next month, but I’d like to know what else you’d like to know about.  Don’t forget there are lots of other Disney style videos over on my channel so make sure you check those out too!!

For those that ask, my personal preference of parks is this order: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and the Epcot.  Each park offers something unique on each visit I take to Walt Disney World so I always make the time to go and visit each one at least once (actually it’s probably at least twice minimum per holiday – along with the Universal parks too!)  I’ll try and spend both my first and last day in the Magic Kingdom as it’s the epitome of Disney World for me.

If you’re a huge Disney fan – don’t forget to leave you favourite things to do in the comments below and let me know what your Top 10: Disney World – The Parks is!