Liz Earle Colour Sheer Skin Tint

With summer well and truly (over) in full swing in the UK, it’s time to recognise the annual switch over from foundation to tinted moisturiser.  This year I’ve been rocking the Liz Earle Colour Sheer Skin Tint in 001 Bare* (£21.00, ).  I was kindly sent a few bits from Liz Earle and this base was included.
Packaged in the classic ‘Liz Earle Colour range’ royal blue, the bottle is not too big and slots well into my makeup bag.  The formula itself is super light but gives a good even coverage and leaves your skin with that dewy glow.  I’ve also found that the lightest colour, ‘Bare’ is perfect for my snowman like skin.  It’s staying power is fairly decent with around 6 to 7 hours of good wear before it starts to oxidise or fade.  It also contains SPF 15 which is great for an everyday base product – especially during the summer.
Any negatives you may ask? Only one really.  It’s very, very light in coverage so on bad skin days it’s a no-no for me.  There are tinted moisturisers out there that give excellent coverage and camouflage when all you want to do is hide from the world due to the volcano that has appeared on your chin.  The Liz Earle offering is not one of these; so as gorgeous and lightweight as it is, I’ll be saving it for when my skin is not misbehaving.  Not really a downside for me as I have found my perfect shade, but it’s worth knowing that the shade range is also pretty limited.
Overall though, I really enjoyed using this tinted moisturiser (is that what it is? Liz Earle haven’t actually defined that bit!) and it was my go-to base on most days during June and July.  It’s extremely workable and durable and for the bad skin days I’ve been mixing it with a sploge of Make Up For Ever HD foundation – really loving the finish of that combo!
Have you tired any of the Liz Earle Colour range? What were your thoughts?