The Amala Spa at The Hyatt Birmingham



Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Hyatt Regency in Birmingham to enjoy some wonderful treatments available in their Spa.  After a long 4 day week (yes, I do think they feel longer than regular weeks) I was so excited to go and have some ‘me’ time.  Just a stone’s throw from the new Library of Birmingham and at the bottom end of the famous ‘Broad Street’ the Hyatt is the epitome of luxurious, city hotel.  I’ve wanted to visit the spa for a while so when the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance.

My treatments were to be the ‘Lux Candle Massage’ and a ‘Glorious Skin Facial’.  I’ve had a few facials in my time but never a massage and that is what I was most excited/nervous about.  I have pretty bad posture and tend to get a few muscle knots in my upper back – mainly from how I sit at work – I’m a sloucher and they can be quite painful at times.  Even though this wasn’t a sports massage, the thought of somebody working on those knots which can at times cause much pain and discomfort, made me feel relaxed before I even walked in.
Situated in the basement of the Hyatt, the Amala Spa has a cosy, relaxed feel.  I was give a fluffy robe and slippers to change in to and was seated in a dimly lit, serene waiting area where my therapist for the day greeted me warmly.  I filled out all the necessary forms and answered the questionnaire, which the therapist referred to before she began my treatments.  As part of my massage, I had to choose the scent of the wax I wanted used on me.  The therapist laid them all out on the table and encouraged me to have long sniffs of each one before I chose my favourite.  It was a tough choice between a soothing lavender scent and an awakening citrus flavour.  Of course being a citrus addict you can guess which one I went for but it was a tough choice.
The massage involved a head to toe, full body massage using hot wax to relieve and soothe the muscles.  Using the combination of light, heat and essences the massage is designed to melt away any tension and nourish the skin.  It was 75 minutes of pure bliss.  I immediately regretted my choice of ‘laundry day underwear’ even though I know the therapist wasn’t bothered – i’ll never make that mistake again will I?  In fact she was lovely throughout the entire process, talking me through my treatments and working her relaxing magic on me.  My facial – the ‘Glorious Skin facial’ is designed to give a ‘lifting and firming’ effect to the skin; perfect before a special occasion.  I found it soothing and rejuvenation with a mask at the end which really plumped and hydrated my skin.
I think I came out the most relaxed I’d ever been in my entire life, and that’s coming from somebody who meditates at least once a week – maybe I’m doing that wrong – but another story for another time.  I lounged by the pool for a while and read the paper before preparing myself to go back into the outside world.  The entire Hyatt Regency has just had a multi million pound refit and everything from the entrance hall to the spa is beautiful and decadent. If I didn’t live so close to the city centre, I’d happily stay at the Hyatt if an overnight stay was required on my trip.  It’s one of the nicest hotels – oh and Simon stays there during X-Factor and BGT filming in Birmingham (says it all!!)
I’d like to say a huge thank you to the Hyatt for giving me an incredible spa experience.  The staff were polite and gracious and the facilities were calming and very clean.  Even after this first massage experience I think I’m hooked and am itching to try one again soon and shall certainly be giving Amala another go.


*Treatments gifted by the Hyatt. All opinion are my own.