Disney World Quiz (And Tips…)

Last month I played host to the fabulous Ellie from Ellie’s Ramblings and we filmed a video for my Disney series.  It was so fun having another Disney fanatic feature on my channel that we filmed two more videos for your viewing pleasure (or something like that!) so make sure you go and check them out on my YouTube channel.This week’s video is a Disney World quiz video where Ellie and I put our Disney World (and a bit of Disneyland Paris) knowledge to the test!  Over on Ellie’s channel we’ve filmed a Disney Films quiz so make sure you stop by and check that one out too.  As you guys know, Disney is one of my favourite topics so what better way to flex the brain that a mini, competitive lighthearted quiz!
I love Disney World and my head is certainly filled with lots of useless triva that I’ve probably never had to use before… until now!  Finally all those facts that nobody else has ever cared about have finally come in good use.
I’d love to know what your favourite fun ‘Disney World’ fact is?  Leave me one in the comments below!  Also if you’ve filled a Disney World Quiz video then leave that too.  I love watching other YouTubers create Disney content.  Its defiantly my favourite type of content to watch!