New Hair, Don’t Care

There was only one thing I could think about when I was editing my Food Diary #1 video… how disgusting the ends of my hair looked.  I’ve known for a while that I needed a good cut but it was painfully obvious in that video.  So I promptly booked in for a cut with a new hairdresser (as mine is now too far away) and within the space of 48 hours my hair was transformed.
When I sat down in the chair I was realistic and told him to take off as much as needed to be taken.  I was honestly expecting around 7 inches or so but in the end it was more like 4 or 5.  It’s taken me nearly nine years to grow my hair this long and I’ll admit there was an inside-sob when he began chopping away.
But I’m so happy with the results.  No longer does my hair look dry and dead; but healthy and glossy. It’s also much more manageable and takes a lot less time to dry after the mundane hair wash.   My hairdresser tidied up my layers adding another in to make them more natural and then added some width to the front to give the illusion of more volume.
I love going to the hairdressers but I’m definitely guilty on not going often enough.  I’m also a slave to heat and sometimes forget my heat protection spray so is it any wonder that the ends get as damaged as they do?
I’ve vowed to look after my ends a bit more and am looking to invest in some new products to help keep it in a healthy condition. What’s you favourite treatment product?