Astral All Over Moisturiser Review

There are some products out there that have most certainly survived the test of time.  When I was a child, I remember that there was always a small blue tub of moisturiser on my nan’s dresser and that same blue tub could also be found on my Mum’s too.  As I watched them apply it to their faces, I’d get really excited about growing up so that one day I could have a little blue tub on my dressing table too.  However as I grew up, I thought that the pop of cream was just something that older woman used (not spritely young un’s like myself) and alas when I did start buying and applying products, I forgot all about it.
That little blue tub was of course, a pot of Astral All Over Moisturiser*.  What I didn’t realise was how many ways you can actual use Astral cream – it’s by no means just a moisturiser for your face nor it is just for your Grandma!
Astral is an amazing moisturiser, proven to be very hydrating, it is also incredibly versatile – it can be used as a Night cream, primer, make-up remover, to give your legs a shine for beach body confidence (I’ve heard often done by models on the catwalk), to soothe cracked heals, face cream, as an after-sun and much more! It is an iconic beauty product that really works – its unchanged in its formula since it was created in the 1950s, and it is perfect for all ages.   I love using it on my cracked elbows (especially after wearing scratchy knitwear) because it’s so soothing and hydrating on my dry skin.  I also use it as a hand cream and sometimes in place of my normal night cream – I like to switch things up!  All I can think when I’m using this product is that it’s a really cheap, but effective dupe for Eight Hour Cream.  There are so many similar uses!
The best thing about Astral is that it comes in three sizes and the smallest pot (£3.89 Boots) is teeny enough to fit into any handbag so you’ve got it for when you’re out and about.  Have you tried Astral All Over Moisturiser?

*PR Sample