The Disney Series: Top 10 – Magic Kingdom

At the start of the Year, I vowed to do at least one Disney related video a month on my channel as you guys seem to really love them.  In January I kinda missed the boat but February bought the Disney Land Paris Vlog for you all to watch.  This month I’m on the ball and I’ve decided that my first official video of ‘The Disney Series’ is my top 10 things to do at the Magic Kingdom.
For those of you that don’t know, Magic Kingdom was the original park at the Florida complex, opening in 1971.  It’s been through a number of changes in it’s forty two and a half years and everybody has their must do attractions, snacks and shows that they have to do when they get there.  To be honest, I could have given you a top 20 but of course things must be cut or you’d be watching a 45 minute video.
I’ve been to the Magic Kingdom more times than you can count on both hands, with my journey’s spanning over a sixteen year period.   I know I haven’t done EVERYTHING there but I’ve definitely given it a good go.  We usually visit more than once in a holiday and it’s compulsory for us to have the last night of the holiday in the Magic Kingdom to watch the fireworks before we head back to the UK.
I love finding out what people’s favourite things to do at Disney are.  Leave me a comment below telling me what you love doing in the Magic Kingdom!