Spot Zappers Unite!

Firstly, thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my hair dying video, it was such a nerve wracking experience.  I got lots of lovely comments about my makeup less face even though it’s not when I’m at my most confident.  Of course a makeup-less face means you can see all my imperfections, including any spots I’m sporting.  To keep those pesky little blighters at bay I reach for a few different products on a regular basis.  Spot Zappers Unite!

The Products…

Firstly I should note that since I cut out using Bioderma (read that post here) I don’t get half as many spots as I use to.  However around certain times of the month my hormones take control and they are unavoidable.  At the first signs of trouble I reach for my favourite product, the Origins Super Spot Remover (full review here).  This product is so popular in my household that my boyfriend now owns his own bottle of the stuff; yes it’s that effective that even he’s bought into the hype. The Origins offering is a classic spot fighter packed with salicylic acid and tea tree to dry out and calm the surrounding area.  I usually pop it on overnight or on no makeup days and top it up when I can every five hours or so.  My top tip is to apply it to each individual area with a fresh end of a cotton bud to avoid any contamination.
Of course SSP can be a little pricey so my alternative (and a great product to carry around in your handbag) is the Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick* (full review here).  If you’ve read my full review you will know that I fist dabbled with Witch in my teens and it’s one of those products that I keep coming back to.  Witch hazel is a proven spot fighting ingredient and while I think that this takes longer to get working than SSP it’s still a fantastic spot fighter.  This product is great for breaking down the excess oils that appear around the spots, allowing the spot to clear much quicker that if it were left to it’s own devices.
When I get break outs in a number of areas, a face mask is essential and I find myself reaching for the Aesop Parslay Seed Cleansing Masque to help control my skin (review here).  During particular unforgiving break outs I’ll paint this onto my face a few times a week and watch as it works to control my skin, reduces the spot size and evens out the redness and skin tone.  On good skin weeks I’ll just use this mask once (usually on a Sunday during Mr Selfridge) just to maintain skin quality.
So there they are my pick of spot zappers to get rid of pimple and volcanos alike.  It is worth mentioning my Estee Lauder ANR at this point also as that just does wonders for scarring left from spots (full review here).  I think that the improvement in my cleansing routine really has improved the quality of my skin so thankfully I’m reaching for these products on a less regular basis.  What are your favourite spot fighters?
*PR Sample