Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask Review

After receiving a mini version of this mask in my ‘Morning to Midnight’ gift set last year, I realised that I’ve never done a full review on my favourite face mask.  The Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask has been a constant feature in my Sunday night routine since it came into my life around a year and a half ago.
As a dry skinned girl hydrating face masks are not just a luxury but an absolute necessity.  It doesn’t matter how much water I drink or how many face creams I use my skin still teeters on the balance of dry and just right.  My favourite Origins offering is perfect for swinging the balance in favour of moisture and the best thing about it is, is that you just pop it on your skin about fifteen minutes before bed and when you wake up in the morning the mask has sunk in and you’re left with soft, supple skin.  Your skin literally drinks it up!  I was worried the first time I used this product that it was going to end up all over my pillow.  The cream is exactly that, cream coloured but it becomes clear as it melts into your skin whilst you rub it in and I’ve never found any left on my pillow in the morning.
This product was designed for dehydrated skin.  Remember ladies that’s not just us dry skinned gals, oily ladies still need to show some moisture lovin’ to their skin too.  I’ve got friends with oily skin who request this product to be bought with me to any girly pamper night and sleepover.  The results are the same; soft, supple, moisturised skin.
We also need to talk about the scent of this product; oh my goodness it is so good.  I know that there are lots of products that people describe as good enough to eat but this one really tops that list for me.  The smell of passionfruit hits you as soon as you squeeze it out of the tube and as soon as I smell it I remind myself to pick up some passionfruit on my next shopping trip.
So there you have it, a proper introduction to my favourite face mask of all time.  It’s going to take a small miracle of a product to knock this off the number one spot.  The Origins Drink up Intensive Overnight Mask is available from Boots for £22 for 100ml.  Not a bad price considering the effectiveness of this product.
What’s your favourite face mask?  Are there any more Origins Masks I need to try?
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