Snapshots from Disney

After lots of requests during my break from blogging I’ve finally gotten around to posting some photos from my Florida holiday which unbelievably, was two and a half months ago #depressing.  They’re not in any particular order but I hope you enjoy them.  We’re currently saving to go back to Florida in 2015, hopefully in May or September (May please!!)  I wish I could go all the time and spend my days vlogging it all for you as I really enjoyed vlogging whilst I was there. Hey if anybody from Disney is reading this and wants to offer me that as a job I would love you forever…
For those of you that were wondering, the bottom photo is of an ice cream called ‘The Kitchen Sink’ which is available at ‘Beaches and Cream Ice Cream Shop’ located at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resort.  It contains eight ginormous scoops of ice cream (chocolate, strawberry, coffee, mint chocolate chip, vanilla and a few others…) and every topping they offer.  This includes: a whole can of whipped cream, cherries, banana, chunks of sponge cake, chunks of brownie, oreos, sprinkles and god knows what else.  It’s meant for four people but we tried to tackle it between the two of us.  Two thirds of the£30 of ice cream later, we had to admit defeat with me actually needing to lie down because of my sugar coma.  Saying all this however, I would highly recommend trying it if you’re off to Disney!
Don’t forget, if you have any questions about Disney World or want dining recommendations or just want to ask a question then please feel free to get in touch 🙂