Bedside Beauty Bits

I think every girl has a few items that she like to have within reaching difference at night.  For me, these things reside on my bedside table (and a few bits in the bathroom cupboard too!)  So I thought I’d show you what lives next to my bed and my bedside beauty routine.  I wish I could say that it’s always this tidy.  It’s definitely not!  I’m forever knocking things on the floor or piling other bits and pieces on top of everything.  Ultimately, I like to keep my bedside beauty routine really simple.

In the beauty corner their are four main products that never leave the table.  My Hydraluron gel is a bedside essential.  I use it almost every night underneath my moisturiser.  The gel is great at keeping my skin hydrated along with my Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight face mask which I like to use once or twice a week depending on how dry my skin is feeling.  It smells delicious and injects my skin with some much needed hydration even when it’s at his driest.  I find it works well with my Hydraluron and soaks into the skin overnight without leaving a trace in the morning.  The Soap and Glory Hand Food makes the perfect hand treatment before bed.  Applying hand cream right before bed is great as it has all night to soak in without interference.  Finally, for my lips I keep my Nuxe Rev Di Miel on hand.  I’m a huge fan of it for a night treatment as it’s nice and thick, smells of chocolate orange and makes my lips super soft by morning! A perfect combo!

Everything else on my table if purely for relaxing purposes.  I don’t always have a candle as they give James a headache but when I can burn one I love the Yankee Candle in ‘Fluffy towels’.  I love the smell of fresh linen so this is perfect for me.  I find the smell very subtle and not at all overwhelming.  Then I have my new kindle (currently I’m reading Perks of Being a Wallflower – love it!!) and ‘Blog Inc’ which is actually really helpful and has some great blogging tips in it!  I picked this up after seeing a few bloggers and youtubers talking about it and it doesn’t hurt to learn more about your craft.  It also made a great plane book when I went to New york and really helped during the turbulence   I think it was a fiver in Urban Outfitters but I’m sure you can find it on Amazon if they no longer stock it.  Then of course there are my glasses, you know, so I can actually see!!  Finally I have my eye mask because there are now to many hours of daylight for me to have a lie in – never satisfied me!

So that’s it, that’s my bedside beauty table on a good day.  I love taking a sneak peek into peoples bedrooms (ok that sounded awkward but you know what I mean).  If you’ve done one of these posts link me up below