Top 5 Blushers

Ok, so I might have cheated a little in this video.  It’s not exactly a top 5, more like a top 6 or 7 (some of them are the same brand though so it’s ok!)  If I were blindfolded and reached into my makeup draw and pulled out any of these beauts of a blush I’d be happy with my cheek colour that day.  This was actually a pretty easy and enjoyable video to make.  I had fun searching around of new loves and old favs to fill the coveted positions!
I’ve done some individual reviews of some of these blushes on my blog so head on over to YouTube to catch up on all the links and any other information that you might want to know.  I’m also thinking of doing a top 5 series of foundation and eyeshadows.  Do you think this would be a good idea?


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