My Camera Story

Photography is such an important part of blogging thesedays.  Lets be honest, who wants to read a beauty blog when there are no pretty (and informative) pictures to look at.  As I’ve just invested in a new camera, ok so three months ago, but still, I thought it would be a nice time to share my camera story so far, as it’s probably not going to change for a while (and I’m hoping to sell one of my cameras!)  Also I’ve been getting more and more questions about my current camera so I hope this answers all of them 🙂 
As you can see I’ve used four cameras over my blogging life so far.
Canon PowerShot SD750
I’ve owned my little canon since 2007.  I picked it up on holiday in Florida and I have loved it ever since.  It is just a regular point and shoot and fits great in my pocket.  When I first started blogging this was what I used to take my photos on.  It did a perfectly good job and I really had no intention of getting a DSLR until I knew I would keep up my new (read: expensive) hobby.  That was until…
Canon 1000d DSLR
I discovered I was living with a boyfriend who had has old DSLR camera from his university days.  It was around the time that I discovered that a lot of bloggers out there used DSLR’s.  I think I literally squealed with excitement when he said I could use it “as it was just gathering dust.”  I served me well from March until December of 2012 and I took some amazing photos on it.  It was a tad on the bulky side as the case had to go everywhere with it (something I’m so glad James insisted on!)  The only thing that my beautiful new camera didn’t do was film video so I had to do this on my little Canon, after I’d dabbled with…
iPhone 4
My iPhone 4.  When I first decided that I wanted to do Youtube videos, I didn’t even think about my trusted little Canon PowerShot, I went straight for my iPhone as I knew the quality would be good.  It shot in HD and I thought that it would be great.  It served me well until I remembered that I had my little canon that could shoot video too and turned out to be a much better quality.  I still use my iPhone for taking impromtu photos that usually get uploaded to instagram (who doesn’t?) but I have upgraded to an iphone 5 now, thank you phone contract!
Canon 600d DSLR
Owning a Canon 600d is something that I had been dreaming about owning since about August.  Finally, in December, after many months of saving I finally took the plunge and I’ll be honest I haven’t looked back since.  It has managed to combine my last two cameras and can shoot picture and video.  The video quality is immense and I can play my videos back on Smart TV’s and it’s like I’m in the room with myself, a surreal experience.  Picture wise, I’ll be honest I can’t tell a vast difference from my Canon 1000d, for me this camera was really all about the video.  I love it and film all my videos and take all my photos on it now.  I’ve said a very sad goodbye to my Canon 1000d and packed away my little Canon PowerShot for adventure holidays (I’m toying with not taking my 600d to Florida as it’s a bit bulky and you have to leave your bag sometimes when you get on and off rides!)  One of the nice things about investing in this camera is that it has rekindled James’ passion for photography and he uses the 600d for that too.
So that is it, that is my camera story.  I am very lucky that James had a DSLR ‘lying around,’ it made it a lot cheaper for me.  I am still of the mantra that good photos can be taken with a ‘point and shoot’ camera.  It’s all about the persons vision behind the camera.  I would also recommend that when you start out blogging, that you look long and hard before investing in such expensive equipment.  It really isn’t needed.


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