Mac ‘Please Me’ Lipstick Review

Mac Please Me Lipstick
Mac Please Me Lipstick
Mac Please Me Lipstick
Mac Please Me Lipstick
If you were to take a look at my lipstick collection, you would notice that there are not that many bright, ‘In yer face’ shades.  The truth is, I’m too chicken to wear them.  Mainly because I have such teeny, tiny, ‘if they were smaller, you’d need a microscope to see them’ lips that I feel bright colours emphasise this.  That’s why I stick to light pink or nearly nude colours and probably why Mac ‘Please Me’ caught my eye.
I bought ‘Please Me’ while in the Mac shop in Soho, New York (I promise I’ll stop talking about it soon!)  The colour is a wonderful nudey, pink rose with a yellow undertone to it; not great for teeth whitening but looks great non the less.  It is part of Mac permanent collection and has a ‘matte’ finish so if you’re looking for glossy it won’t be for you.  One thing I will say about it, is that it is so creamy.  It goes onto the lips so easily and is highly pigmented.  It really lights up your lips and I love to dab it down with my finger for that ‘my lips but better’ colour that I’m such a fan of.
I think this is my new everyday lipstick at the moment.  I can wear it for work but it also looks great with evening make up for a night on the town or a quiet, romantic date.  I think if you wanted to make it glossy it would also look great under a clear or barely pink lip gloss.  Whichever way you wear it, I’m a fan and look forward to brightening up my lips with it every morning!
What are your thoughts on Mac Please Me Lipstick?


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