Mac Eyebrow Crayon in Fling Review

I love Duty Free shopping.  It really whittles down the time waiting for your flight.  Of course, it’s also a dangerous time as I tend to get a bit cash happy because I think I’m getting such a bargain.  This is where I picked up my latest beauty must have.  I wasn’t even looking for anything eyebrow related but when I saw the Mac Brows collection I was intrigued.  Of course, nothing matched me from that but I did come across the core collection and found ‘Fling’.

Fling is a light brown coloured eyebrow crayon.  This is my first experience with using pencil in my eyebrows.  I’ve been strictly a powder girl in the past,  I’ve always been too scared to try a pencil as I’m conscious that my eyebrows would look like I’d drawn them on whereas I prefer as natural as possible.

I’ve found this pencil really easy to use.  The colour match has been very accurate so I use small strokes to fill in the gaps then define the edges and blend it all together.  I have to admit, I now prefer using my Mac pencil to my shadow.  I find pencil more accurate, easy to use and can create a more defined finish.

I really love this pencil.  I’m so glad that I made the decision to pick up this one from Mac.  I’ve heard that these don’t last very long so I’m keen to see how much I get out of this product.  As you can see from the photos above, my brows look defined, but still natural.  Now that I’ve discovered this pencil I’m really keen to start spending a bit more time on my brows.  Whats your top brow tip?


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