Enrapture Encode Totum Styler Review

I’m a bit (read a lot) of a lazy girl at heart.  I’ve always had the mentality that the less time I spend on my makeup and hair in the morning, the more time I spend in bed and man, I love my bed!  That is the reason that behind my makeup routine being locked down in 8 minutes and why I wear my hair straight-ish witha natural kink most days.  It’s not that I don’t like having curly hair, I absolutely love it; I also love getting up at 8 o’clock instead of quarter to.
I put off buying the Enrapture Encode Totum Styler for at least a year.  I didn’t understand the hype behind a curler.  This was probably because all the curlers that I’ve previously owned have never helped me to achieve the perfect curl (FYI this would be a big, loose curl).  What would be different about this one?
How wrong I was!  From the first curl, I was impressed!  The first thing I should mention that is that this has to be the quickest I have every curled my hair.  I’m not sure why but I just seemed to breeze through the layers, curling it bit by bit.  I think it took me around 12 minutes all together.  The second thing I should mention is that it did create the perfect loose curl for me.  I’ve come to realise that the main benefit of the totum styler is that the different heat settings really do allow you to obtain different curls.  You can get really loose, retro curls, glamorous ringlets or soft waves all from one styler which is great (and will help me justify the price later!)
A bit more about the different settings; the barel is split into three pieces, all which have their own heat setting control.  For my loose curls I used 1-1-1.  I followed the video on the Enrapture website which was actually quite useful, especially for a curler noob like myself!  It gave clear instructions which were easy to follow.  I started by spraying my hair with my favourite heat protecter spray from tresseme.  Then I pulled my hair up on top of my head apart from my underneath layer and began curling from the back (working layer by layer until I reached the top one!)  I found that I needed to hold my hair on the styler for roughly 8 – 15 seconds depending on the size of the chunk of hair.  When I released the first curl I was already in awe of how perfect it looked.  When I finished curling, I used my backcomb brush and hairspray to give my roots some oompfh, ran my fingers through my hair to make it feel more natural and finished off with a quick blast of hairspray all over my hair.
It is total love.  I had to drive to London on Monday morning with work, leaving at 6am.  Guess what?  I got up ten minutes early just so I could use my stylers… at 5.15am!  I think I’m a changed woman.  Over the last few days, I’ve curled my hair every morning!  One of the main things I like about the styler is that you can opt to use the clip on it or use it as a normal curling wand.  The style you want very much depends on how you use it and as I said earlier there are lots of tutorials on the Enrapture website and it also comes with basic instructions.  The one thing I would like to see with the product however, is a heat proof glove.  I find that no matter what curler I’m using I always seem to burn my hand the odd few times.  A glove would combat this!
I can’t wait to try to create a different style with them, a tighter curl perhaps.  I’ve definitely been impressed with what I’ve seen so far!  The Enrapture Encode Totum Hair Stylers are available from bigger Boots stores for £59.99 (down from £79.99!) and if you thing about it, if you own GHD’s they were probably about £100 so why not pay a bit more for some fantastic curlers too?
Do you own the Enrapture Styler?  What’s your favourite look to create?


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