New York – Part Two

So here are a few more snaps from my trip to NYC that I promised.

Day two started with a wonderful pancake breakfast and a refreshed and relaxing walk in the park followed by a few hours wandering around the Met (and sitting of the steps of course…)  I loved the Met, wandering around without a care in the world.  James thought that the picture above summed me up nicely; bright colours and lipstick.

Then we headed down Fifth Avenue for some shopping and onto a boat tour.  It was freezing on the boat deck but I was determined to get some great picturesBattery Park, Brooklyn Bridge and Lady Liberty, (as you can’t get onto the island at the moment because of the damage done by Hurricane Sandy.)  We also strolled through the bottom of Battery Park next to the Staten Island ferry to take some photos before heading up to Madison Square Garden to watch a Knicks game.

The Knick was AMAZING! I love the way that the American have managed to make a 48 minute game play out over 3 hours!  It was such a great night and the atmosphere was immense (even though the Knicks lost!)