Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment Review

So yesterday I posted my Sephora haul for you all to see.  I’d been a very good blogger and hadn’t touched any of the products until I photographed them, except for one.  On the plane home from New York I was desperate for a lip balm as I ran out of Blistex and misplaced my Nuxe Rev Di Miel (which eventyally turned up in one of James’ shoes… hurrah!) so I packed my Fresh Sugar Rose lip balm in my hand luggage.

This is one of the most luxurious lip balms that I have ever tried.  It glides on to the lips so smoothly, isn’t heavy and doesn’t cause a hair sandwich if your hair happens to blow in you face.  It also smells (and tastes) incredible.  Of course, it’s main job is to moisturise and it definitely ticks that box too.  My lips feel lovely after wearing it; very soft and supple.
The ‘Rose’ one has a (extremely) subtle hint of colour to it which gives your lips that ‘my lip colour only shinier’ look about them.  If you like lip balms with a huge colour pay off then the rose one will not be for you.  Sephora did have a ton of different shades though and the plum one looked interesting and a bit darker.
I love the packaging too.  It’s a delicate pink almost silver shade and the screw cap is handy as it means the top won’t become dislodged in your bag.
Price wise, prepare to squirm, $22 (approx £15) and thats before tax!  Not sure if this balm will be worth the money over all as I don’t tend to finish lip balms but as a person that doesn’t really like them, I really LOVE this one so will be carrying it everywhere with me!  I’d love to try the scrub from Fresh but I drew the line at buying that too.  It was $25 and I already have a great Lush one that I like to use.
Has anybody ever tried any of the other Fresh lip balms or scrubs?


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