EcoTOOLS Powder Brush Review

If I can thank blogging for anything, it would be that I no longer leave my brushes to fester in my bacteria (did you like the image I just portrayed there? yuck.)  But lets be honest, if you’re not washing your brushes that is what you are essentially doing.  The other thing that blogging introduced me to is that the tools you use to put on your makeup can really affect the end result.  So two lessons so far, wash your brushes and pay attention to what you use to put on your face!
I’ve been marvelling over the loveliness of the EcoTools brushes for a long while but I’ve never took the plunge before and purchased one.  I’ve always gone for Mac, Real Techniques or Sigma as I know they can be used to achieve flawless results and they don’t fall apart at the first sign of water and soap!
I picked up the Eco Tools Bamboo Powder Brush from Boots a few months ago in a 3 for 2 deal.  I wanted to step away from the known and try a brand that I’d never used before and the results were surprising.  I really love this brush and the results that it delivers.  Firstly it is soooooo soft.  I think I spent the first few minutes with it just rubbing it around my face!  Even after washing it a few times, the Ecotools powder brush it hasn’t lost it’s glossiness or its softness and it feels lovely on my skin.  Secondly, because the bristles have quite a lot of give it doesn’t pick up too much product and distributes what it does pick up evenly (which is what I actually bought it for huh?)
Of course the other benefits of this brush is that it is cruelty free and looks beautiful in the pot on my dresser with it’s sleek bamboo handle and pretty, brown bristles.  I think I prefer the natural look of the brush to all my Real Techniques ones that of course do look synthetic (but my, oh my, are the colours pretty… pink brushes!)  It also comes with breathable, reusable pouch which is great for travelling and will keep the brush nice and clean in transit.
Overall I’m really impressed with EcoTools and can see why they sell so well.  You can pick up EctoTools brushes from Boots for £9.99.  They even have an offer on at the moment when if you buy one EcoTools brush you get another half price!  I’d love to try some eye brushes from Ecotools.  Has anybody ever tried them?


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