American Beauty Haul

So if you’ve been living under a rock recently, (or not visiting LMC) you will have seen that two weeks ago tomorrow, I jetted out to New York for a little holiday.  Of course being in the states meant I just HAD to visit Sephora, or beauty ‘Mecca’ as I affectionately kept referring to it as.  Oh and don’t forget those American Pharmacy’s… Duwayne Read anybody?
Now a little disclaimer before you watch this video; I saved for a very long time to buy what I bought and I got a Christmas bonus that helped massively, I am in no way bragging about how much I spent or anything like that.  In fact I know myself I probably went a little overboard but I was a tad bit excited to finally get my hands on some goodies that we can’t get in the UK.
Luckily for James we only visited twice in the whole trip and they were very fleeting visits.  I’d say that I was probably only in there a grand total of half an hour.  However I did drag him to about four pharmacies to find what I wanted.  Everyone seemed to be out of stock of something or another so as we passed another one, I’d have a cheeky look inside until I found one that had everything!
All in all, I am quite happy with my purchases.  I could of spent hours in there having a proper look but one, it wouldn’t be fair on James and two, I didn’t go on holiday to spend hours in Sephora when there was the whole of New York to explore!
I hope you enjoy the video.  i really wish we had Sephora here.  They seem like fun places where you could whittle away your time testing every product under the sun!!  Look out for product reviews over the next couple of weeks for the things mentioned!! 🙂 
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