This Works Perfect Skin Super Moisture Review

If you saw the second half of my favourites of 2012 video series (here) you will have seen that I mentioned a moisturiser that was to rival my 2012 favourite, the Embroylisse Lait-Creme Concentrate but I hadn’t used it enough to comment further on it.  Well after a few weeks of intensive use (everyday to be precise) I finally feel like I can add in my two cents.
The ‘This Works Perfect Skin Super Moisture is a rich antioxidant cream that acts as both a serum and a moisturiser in one.  It is designed to hydrate and revitalise dull looking skin using a concentration of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter, Blackcurrent Seed and Evening Primrose Oil.  The first thing I should probably say about this product is that it stinks!  It reminds me of a mild smelling TCP or the cream that you put on insect bits.  However after rubbing it into you face and leaving for a few minutes the smell is gone.  I even got James to smell my face to double check and he couldn’t smell it either.
I really like this cream, for me and my dry skin it has done wonders.  It instantly makes it feel hydrated without leaving that greasy film that you can get with some moisturisers.  It makes the perfect base for my foundation and I really do believe after a number of inspections, that my skin does look brighter and less dull.  I really like the pump dispenser too which allows you to squeeze out the perfect amount and is way more hygienic that dipping your fingers in a pot.
Things to note about this product though, is that it contains no SPF so you need to pair it with either an SPF or a foundation that contains it.  Of course, this is a benefit if you’re looking to avoid ‘flashback’ face on a night out.  Also the opaque container means you can’t see how much of the product is left and you might not be able to get every drop of product out.  Another thing to mention is the price as this cream comes in around the £22 mark (for 30ml) depending on where you pick it up from… and for that price, I don’t know about you, but I’d like to use every drop.
Would I repurchase this product?  Most defiantly.  I love this cream.  It makes a great alternative to the Embryolisse and to be honest I wouldn’t mind which one I used in my routine.  This product is also available with a skin tint in it if you want to skip foundation as well.


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