The Coat

Coat: Topshop – £95
Boots: Zara – £80
Bag: Zara – £39.99

One of my favourite winter traditions is going coat shopping.  I love finding my new coat for the winter as lets be honest, due to the cold weather, that is what most people will see you in most of the time.  So really, its a very important task!  I wasn’t even planning on buying a new coat this year due to lack of funds but when I saw this one in Topshop whilst I was curtain shopping (ok so I wasn’t technically curtain shopping in Topshop, it was more of a detour) I decided to treat myself.  I’m so glad I did as I’ve had nothing but compliments every since.
The style is not something I usually go for.  I like something that is quite fitted around the waist and this is the complete opposite.  I kinda wish I’d gone for the size down as it is very generous in sizing but I love the swish action when I walk.  The fur is so cosy and I don’t really feel the need to wear a scarf with it because it’s so warm around my neck.  I’m getting more confident in what I wear and if you’d have asked me to rock this coat a year ago I would have said no because it makes me look fat.  It’s a testament to how far my confidence has come because every time I put this on I feel a million dollars.