The Boots

Every girl faces the dilemma each winter of having to choose a pair of boots to invest in for that year.  It can be a tough choice and a big investment.  When I choose boots I normally go for smart day time ones that would also pass on a night out if I needed too.

As you can see, this year I’ve been lucky enough to pick up two pairs of gorgeous boots that I adore.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t my intention at all.  Usually I buy one pair of boots a year.  Actually last year I didn’t buy any new ones because I couldn’t find any that I really loved.  I guess they come like buses, nothing for a while then all at once! 
The first pair come from River Island and cost an eye watering £100!  I don’t usually spend £100 on anything fashion related, except for good boots as I know with good care I will get plenty of wear out of them as the year goes by.  I have tried to find a link on the RI website to them but I’m guessing they have sold out which is unsurprising considering I had to go to three stores to find my size!  The gold detailing is not something I usually go for but they are so pretty and more important, sturdy and I don’t think they will fall apart any time soon!
The second pair, I am actually feeling pretty smug about!  A girl I work with owns these boots and paid £90 when they were new from Zara.  I managed to pick them up in the sale on Boxing Day for £39.99!  I love the studded detail on them and they are very comfortable.  I haven’t even had to ‘break’ them in and have avoided blisters completely!  Sadly, I think these are also sold out too (I can’t find them on the Zara website).  
I’m so happy I’ve managed to pick up two pairs of boots this year as I know they will last me a long time.  I may not even have to buy a new pair next year if they are both still in good condition so really it’s been an investment!  Now my only problem is choosing which pair to put on in the morning…. cue 20 minutes of staring down at my feet… for each pair 😉

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