Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder Review

Some of us aren’y blessed with beautiful tanned skin… or the ability to be able to use fake tan properly :  so we rely on a few bits of makeup to give our faces that subtle sun-kissed look in the places where we would naturally catch the sun.  This is where Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder comes in… one of the only bronzers I’ve ever found that even suits palefaces like me (nice little twilight reference there, but I’m not a vampire, though I may have the skin colour of one!)
Considering I’ve used this product pretty much everyday for a year, I’m even surprised myself that I’ve never done a review on the infamous Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder’.  This bronzer has probably gained ‘cult’ status over the years and I’m not surprised as it seems to be loved by blogger, readers and girls on the street alike.
There are so many things I love about this product.  The first is that if you are pale like me, you will know that some bronzers look like you’ve let a toddler loose on your cheeks with an orange pen.  I’ve tried many bronzers that don’t blend very well and are too orange based for pale skin tones.  Laguna is NOTHING like this.  It is a brown based, easy to blend bronzer that is also very buildable which is great for paleys as it allows you to find the exact shade that suits your skin colour.  It also means that Laguna is perfect for girls with darker skin tones as they can build a colour they like to contour with to.
Other benefits of Laguna is that a little goes a long way.  It stays on the skin for hours and the amount in the pan seems to be never ending.  Of course, being a Nars product it comes in the most beautiful packaging (however it can get a little dirty when mixed with other palettes and bottles etc) and it also has a large compact mirror in the lid for your convenience.  It also has a really subtle hint of glitter in it that is not too overpowering but gives enough shimmer to look fantastic.  You can use your Laguna to contour or go for out and out bronzed cheeks which makes it so versatile!
Of course every product has it’s cons and Laguna’s is that once you hit pan it becomes very delicate.  Im so careful with mine because the slightest knock seems to smash it to pieces.  My last one met its doom when I stupidly left it in my luggage on the way back from Paris.  It met its maker when the baggage handlers were (probably) throwing my bag on and off the plane.  Obviously some people will see the glitter as a bad thing so if you don’t like it, stay clear! Other than that though, I can’t think of any negatives.
I do truely love my Laguna and it is a daily essential for me.  You can pick it up for around the £25 mark but when you treat it with care it will last a long time!  I’ve never found another bronzer that matches it but I would love suggestions if you have any?


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