Mac Soft & Gentle Mineralise Skin Finish Review

There are times that I can’t help myself, I buy into blogger hype without reading many reviews.  Sometimes it doesn’t end well and I kick myself for being so stupid.  But other times, it pays off and this time it certainly did…  Well I say I bought this , it was actually a Christmas present, but I did put it on my list without reading too much into it!

Mac Mineralise Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle is a frosty highlighter that is part of the Mineralise Skin Finish Range.  At first glance, it is a cool beige with gold flecks of glitter and shimmer.  After swirling your brush in it you get a lovely metallic bronze shade that goes onto the skin leaving a luminous finish.  That’s the best bit about this product, the luminous finish that you get with it.  It makes your cheeks (or where ever you put your highlighter, so eyebrows, nose etc) look beautifully highlighted with a lovely sheen.  I usually use this on my cheeks and occasionally under my eyebrows when I really want to highlight their shape.  I like to use the highlight on top of my normal cheek routine (normally a bit of bronzer and blush).  I’m a matte finish kinda girl who likes to build my own dewey glow rather than get it from my foundation.

If you’re going on a night out or have a special occasion and want to look radient in your photos I would recommend using Soft and Gentle.  Cameras seem to pick up this product in such a lovely way and when I’ve used it in youtube videos I feel like I have a healthy glow on camera that I’ve never really achieved before with my other highlighting fav, Benefit High Beam (review here).

Cons about this product (not that I can think of many) is that if you don’t get on with mineral then this with not be for you.  I know some people can have a reaction to it so if you’re one of them it’s best to steer clear.

Overall I think I would consider Soft and Gentle to be one of my favourite highlighters.  It has the right amount of sheen and highlight to make skin look so luminous and radient and it is easy buildable.  What’s your favourite highlighter?


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